A Beginner’s Guide To Perfect Pedalling

Mastering the perfect pedalling technique can make your pedalling more effective resulting in becoming a faster cyclist. The Wattbike Polar View is a pedalling technique analysis tool which makes the invisible, visible, by displaying an easy to read graph which shows exactly where you are losing force throughout the pedal stroke.

Improving your Polar View

There are many aspects of cycling which impact your pedalling technique and Polar View graph. Below you will find our 10 top tips for improving your Polar View graph:

Check your cycling position – an incorrect cycling position can affect both the downstroke and upstroke phases. Learn how to set up your Wattbike correctly here.
Try to ensure you apply force evenly with each leg – the left/right leg balance should be as close to 50/50 as possible, it will fluctuate however the ideal range is between 48%-52%.
Invest in a good pair of cycling shoes – without cycling shoes you will find it difficult to implement the full power and recovery phases effectively.
Try not to stand up – standing up in the pedals can compromise your pedalling technique, making it very difficult to maintain power through the top and bottom of each pedal turn. Only stand up if required by a specific session within your training plan.
Get the right resistance setting – a ‘figure of eight’ shape may indicate your resistance is too high forcing you to concentrate solely on the downstroke. Lower the resistance level and concentrate on ‘scraping mud off the sole of your foot’ at the bottom of the revolution.
Ensure Polar View is displayed on the Wattbike Performance Monitor – this will constantly remind you to focus on effective pedalling.
Analyse your data in the powerhub – if you have a Bluetooth enabled monitor and Bluetooth smartphone you can analyse your Polar View data in the powerhub. You will be able to analyse your Polar View graph, angle of peak force and left/right leg balance throughout your entire session.
Try a specific cycling effectiveness workout – during these sessions you should concentrate on smoothing out your Polar View shape. To start with this will require a lot of concentration, so focus on it for short periods of time and then relax. It is easier to hold a good shape on the harder gears, so begin with the lightest gear available and then only when you have mastered that move up to the next gear ie.:
1 minute focus on shape / 2 minutes easy pedalling x 6-10
2 minutes focus on shape / 2 minutes easy pedalling x 5-8
3 minutes focus on shape / 2 minutes easy pedalling x 4-6
Experiment with different cadence and resistance settings – to develop good pedal technique on your bike across all terrain – uphill, downhill and on the flat – you should work on sustaining an improved pedalling technique shape on different resistance levels and at different cadences.
Keep practicing – Regularly include a session in your training plan where you refocus on pedalling technique.

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